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07/11/04 Germains

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Croydon crumble in second half nightmare!!!
A second half nightmare left croydon united shellshocked and also conceded a second defeat in 4 games away to Germains.
After going in at half time 2v1 up after pulling around a 1v0 defecit through goals from Ian Don and Michael Miller it looked like Croydon would pull things around after a shocking start when Germains could have been easily 3v0 within the first 20 minutes, and only through shocking misses and great last ditch tackles through Tom Mcdaid and Michael Miller kept Croydon in the game.
What was about to follow after half time was one of Croydons worst performances to date and in a mad last 35 minutes spell Germains scored 4 goals to stun a shellshocked croydon and also leave them a mammoth task within the league to chase leaders Hatcham.
I feel as a team we did not show the normal battle, passion and commitement we as croydon united are use to, i felt very disappointed by the performance in a whole and feel as a team and club in general we all need to forget about this performance and move on from this, i wont be afraid to say though this was the most disappointing performance of our two years within the LKB league but also felt that it really doesnt help that as manager of the club i have to referee the second half of a crucial game when 2v1 up at half time, because once again the league have not supplied us with a referee, i feel as manager of Croydon i feel very aggrieved by this as after speaking to Germains manager it was only the first time in seven game that they have not had a ref but us at Croydon have not seen one referee turn up to a league game all season (Now where is the justice in that) Overall i feel the league need to sort this out, i do understand that there is issues with the refereeing in general but they are clearly not looking at sharing the refs out betweens all teams and the end of the day we have as much right to a ref as any other team as we pay the same administration fee as anyone else, i will certainly not let this die and will be officially putting in a complaint about this to the LKB league.
Man of the match for sunday was Michael Miller, Michael only signed up a month ago but is already showing to be a important part of the team, it was a pleasure to see mike get he's first goal on sunday, and he also was one of a few players who didnt deserve to be on the end of a trouncing result.Unfortunatly Mike has got to have an op this week so we will be without he's presence for around two to three weeks.
This week's game is away to London Atheletic, London seem to have started the season quite brightly so this should provide to be a very tough game within the league, but i will also be looking to see a good reaction from our players and go out and get a long awaited victory that we are craving for, this league has proved though you need to be up for it each game, and its not just about turning up for a game and hoping for the best and hopefully now we realise this and we will push on and work our way up the league.


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