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Croydon United AFC

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Croydon United AFC would like to thank .....
Laura, for being the Treasurer for the club this season.
Holly, for all her time and hard work put in to designing this website and making it look great!
Billy, for refereing our games except when he let us down without calling us, like the other week but i suppose we forgive you Bill.
The Cricketers pub for sponsoring us this year and supplying us with those lovely roast potatoes each week yum yum!
All the fans that come and support us each week which includes Danielle, Laura, Ian, Mark.  Hopefully with continuing brilliant performances from the team we will attract many more fans.
Last, but not least, we would like to thank our newly appointed mascot, he doesnt even know it himself yet, nor does he's owner, the one and only NELSON!!!

Cricketers Pub
47 Shirley Way

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